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Thick tea container (chaire) of "apple" (bunrin) type
瀬戸文琳茶入 桃山時代
Place of Origin: Japan, Mino kiln, Seto region
Historical Period: Momoyama period (1573-1615)
Materials: Stoneware with chestnut iron glaze with black overtones; carved ivory lid
Style or Ware: Seto ware
Dimensions: H. 2 in x Diam. 2 5/16 in, H. 5.0 cm x Diam. 5.9 cm
Credit Line: Transfer from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Department: Japanese Art
Collection: Ceramics
Object Number: B85P8.a-.b
On Display: No


Label: 瀬戸文琳茶入 桃山時代 
Label: 瀬戸文琳茶入 桃山時代